Hebei fast food business projects supported by the government

hot food and beverage industry has become the first choice of many venture capitalists. Hebei workers in the food and beverage industry has a good news, the Hebei provincial government introduced policies to support the catering business, in order to provide food and beverage industry in the rapid development of entrepreneurial skills training and business guidance.

recently, the Provincial Federation of trade unions to support the campaign to promote the Employment Office (hereinafter referred to as business office), financial and service trade unions and the cafeteria with fast food industry association jointly, jointly launched the fast food service business projects in the province, to provide food and beverage production skills training and career guidance in the fast food industry in a go business workers. Create a "blood type" precise helping platform.

It is reported that

, the fast food business projects has the characteristics of low threshold, low risk, less investment and quick, can make entrepreneurs realize their business in the short term, to obtain a stable income, is a good choice for the poverty of workers and other difficulties crowd. The launch of the fast food venture service will provide employees with free food production skills training, training content, including hamburger steak with special snack cakes, Chongqing small noodles yellow chicken stew, Steamed Rice characteristics such as fast food and brand chain stores for food and beverage production. During the training, the chef training team composed of experts and other experts on the scene to explain the actual operation. In the process of entrepreneurship, the provincial canteen and fast food industry association will organize experts to provide a full range of guidance in the selection of shops, marketing and other aspects of business.

reporter learned that, for the difficulties workers have been incorporated into the system software of management of the national trade union support (including the difficulties workers spouse, children); in our province to resolve the difficulties of family life, laid-off workers in excess production capacity of enterprises (according to the family income per capita is not higher than the local minimum living standard of 3 times; once in the master) the non-agricultural work for more than a year, 3 times the average family income is not higher than the local minimum living standard, union membership migrant workers living difficulties can be used as the "Hebei province labor employment to support the implementation of the special action plan" to support the object, in the run fast food project if the lack of funds, employment of special funds to support the interest free loans to the location of the city and County Federation of trade unions and trade unions for less than 50 thousand yuan.

is currently in Hebei province fast food venture project has been started, the Hebei province to provide entrepreneurship training for the enterprise in the fast food industry workers, workers and other difficulties helped people realize the business in the short term, to obtain a stable income, the successful implementation of the employment rate.

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