How to run a car beauty shop

modern society has more and more consumers of private cars, more entrepreneurs choose to join in this field, to build their own enrichment project. Car beauty refers to cleaning, film, glaze, floor glue, and interior decoration and other conventional beauty care and regular vehicle maintenance, installation security facilities etc..

A, selected items must be done before the market survey: competition and scale for services etc..

two funds: automotive beauty shop investment can be big or small, if the investor is just beginning to invest 30 thousand general -5 million can be opened. Store area can not be too small, even in the early stages, but also to ensure that the business area of 50 square meters.

three, equipped with excellent facilities and technology to recruit good technicians, provide good service, improve customer satisfaction, thereby enabling the customer to repeat consumption;

four, often not regular promotions held some planning activities, the formation of members of the club, to become loyal customers for a long time.

five, store location: automotive beauty shop location and front parking lot size has a direct impact on the volume of business, the best selection of shops in the hub area of highway transportation.

six, shop to certain advertising believe the above points for the preparation of entrepreneurship you will certainly help, the status of business network friendship remind you, before investment need to see more, ask more and more thinking.

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