nventory of environmental protection industry

environmental protection, for now we are talking about is not an old topic, but how to do business in the environment, how to make a big fat?

soilless culture, with peat or forest humus soil, vermiculite and other lightweight materials for fixed seedling plants, plant roots make direct contact with nutrient solution, using mechanized precision seeding a modern seedling breeding technology. Years of practice have proved that the yield of soilless culture of soybean, bean, pea, wheat, rice, oats, sugar beet, potato, cabbage, lettuce, tomato, cucumber and other crops are higher than that of soil culture.

soilless culture is indeed a good green entrepreneurial projects, now China’s arable land is less and less, vegetable prices rise, with soilless cultivation methods of vegetables is undoubtedly a good way of living in low carbon business.

plant curtain, sounds unbelievable, it is called a Tillandsia plants, and Handmade. Plant leaf stomata can absorb nutrients and moisture from the air, so hang up can grow normally, in an appropriate environment can grow up to 3 meters long, the whole plant ash green, flexible, small green, there are fragrance.

because fresh green plants do the curtains, so more people have a refreshing feeling. In addition, tiuandsia evening release oxygen! It can effectively absorb harmful gases in the air, such as formaldehyde, toluene, nicotine, can play the role of clean air, on people’s physical and mental health has certain advantages.

green roof in a big city in China has slowly spread, it can reduce the cost of the air conditioner in the summer by absorbing and reflecting heat; through the winter so as to reduce the increase of insulation extra heating costs. The green roof is very attractive to the city, it selects the vegetation four seasons evergreen, can withstand thirty or forty day drought test, does not need the artificial maintenance, the operation is simple. After the roof greening, indoor temperature in the summer can be reduced by 3 degrees Celsius, the formation of "natural air conditioning" magical effect. Energy saving and beautiful, is a good venture.

environmental beauty salon


before the environmental beauty salon, whether senior luxury SPA or shopping mall in the corner of the small beauty salon, one of the common salon and SPA is the use of a large number of chemical agents, and this is the environmental protection project and draw further apart! So now provide healthy natural beauty products and environmental protection has become a beauty salon SPA the development trend of.

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