nnovation and entrepreneurship in the mainland and Hongkong public space cooperation in Hongkong st

entrepreneurial boom has swept all walks of life, in the field of biomedicine, many outstanding young people are also involved in the wave of entrepreneurship. Recently, the International Joint Research Institute of biomedical science and Technology Park in Hongkong hand in hand, will work together to create a biomedical entrepreneurship space.

"held in Hongkong Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship in the mainland and Hongkong multi-creation space cooperation ceremony" on the front.

ceremony, Tianjin international bio Pharmaceutical Joint Research Institute as the representative city of Hongkong science and Technology Parks Corporation signed a cooperation agreement. The two sides will build a platform for Youth Innovation and entrepreneurship interaction, provide fund support for both sides to play two outstanding young enterprises; innovation and technology cooperation, build scientific and technological achievements exhibition and sharing platform, encourage the two young people in the industrial transformation and upgrade innovation; strengthen the two universities and research institutions to promote the exchange of personnel, both the development of science and technology innovation.

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