Open rural shops need to pay attention to integrity

"integrity" in any of the current industry can have a different meaning, but also in the management of rural small shops are equally important. In rural areas, the people in the village can have a number of relatives, is a real "bamboo root Pro", while the retail business is mostly rely on the human, affection and nostalgia. As the saying goes, the villagers in the village, looked down. Sellers, buy goods mostly map is a question of face. This depends on the operator to take certain skills, in order to gather customers.

but not the rural retail customers can store a good, good business, I think, one of the most important factor should be the reputation of the shop is tired. Can not blame customers, businesses should bear the main responsibility. In order to open the rural store, it is necessary to really good faith two words to implement.

one is to be true. We all know to sell genuine goods, not shoddy, fake it. However, some people are still knowingly violate, key greed, resist the temptation. The consequences of the sale of fake and shoddy goods store in rural areas is very serious, this is the village people to identify your character, but also affect the store you can not go on.


my relatives in the village, in the village before the village opened a shop, the shop is super good, very envious person. However, he did not cherish this opportunity not easily won, crooked brains selling cigarettes, alcohol. On one occasion, the village was an elder to see through, not only was cursed, but also smashed his home shop. Later, the operation can be imagined, a bad reputation in the countryside, and can not live, and later closed shop, but also his family moved to the town.

and my home retail store, rely on the real credibility, step by step from the original small grocery store, a modern new rural supermarket. The last time the relatives came to my house to play, look at the modern flavor, bright shop said, should not take him home, possessed by ghosts, stores will not go bad than here. A corrupt money, destroyed the world, this thing do not.

two is the price to be real. As the saying goes "gentleman loves money, in a proper way, shop business is also the case, earn legitimate profits, no ground for blame. But don’t stare at the money and lose the moral. Rural people’s consumption concept is more conservative, some of them familiar with the brand would rather expensive, they still buy, it will cause some real estate strong brand tension phenomenon, cigarette is one of the most typical. Shop owners are aware of the real estate smoke tight demand.

some retail customers will take the opportunity to price, anyway, resource scarcity, you do not buy someone to buy. And my shop, are strictly in accordance with the guidance of tobacco companies retail sales, did not rise more than a penny. Some colleagues said to me, you do not sell, according to your price I have how much, but also save you trouble. The shop itself is a trouble