Jiangsu trust how to deal with 3 billion pending litigation

trust in the market compared with other industries, there is a greater risk. The face of many trust companies on the market, although some of the strength can also, but the market is far. In April this year, Jiangsu trust backdoor *ST Shun ship (9.650, 0.46, 5.01%) to seek the curve listed, but in May 11th received a letter of inquiry on the Shenzhen stock exchange. Yesterday, *ST Shun ship submitted a reply to the above inquiry letter.

for $3 billion pending litigation of concern to the outside world, Jiangsu trust responded that the company involved in litigation trust project for a single trust business, only to channel management responsibilities and obligations, do not assume any liability.

focus 3 billion pending litigation

this year, the trust has frequently become the subject of mergers and acquisitions in the capital market, which opened the trust curve listed path.

4 29, the edge of the verge of delisting *ST Shun ship asset acquisition plan, the acquisition of Jiangsu trust 81.49% stake and other power assets, including Jiangsu trust 80% stake at a price of 10 billion 200 million yuan, attracted the attention of regulators and industry.

5 11, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange on the Jiangsu trust pending litigation and profit forecasts and other matters to the *ST Shun ship sent a letter of inquiry, requires the disclosure of the details of the two outstanding litigation and influence.

is involved in the case, June 2012, Jiangsu trust and Guangzhou securities signed a "Yunnan Zhiyuan building property right income of specific single fund trust contract" and "Zhangjiagang Oriental New World of specific items of income right single fund trust contract", two trust scale were 1 billion yuan, 2 billion yuan, and buyers have signed the corresponding contract with Yunnan Zhiyuan estate and Zhangjiagang Luyuan, the project transfer and repurchase agreement.

on the same day, Jiangsu trust two project and the Agricultural Bank (3.130, 0.05, 1.62%) Yunnan branch signed "transfer agreement" agreement, the Agricultural Bank of Yunnan Province branch of the business department in the two days before the expiry date of repurchase, the transferee Jiangsu trust of Yunnan Zhiyuan project, Zhangjiagang Luyuan home has all the specific project the right of return on assets.

however, the above two after the expiry of the project, Zhiyuan estate and Zhangjiagang Luyuan home fails to repurchase about specific right of return on assets, the Agricultural Bank of Yunnan Province branch of the business department is also not in accordance with the agreement to pay the corresponding amount, in August 2015, Jiangsu trust as the plaintiff will the Agricultural Bank of China Yunnan branch business department as the defendant sued the Jiangsu high court.

responded that no liability


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