Zhang Quanling attended the third session of the vision nnovation Development Forum on Entrepreneur

about entrepreneurship, different people have different views, their understanding of entrepreneurship will determine their future path. Former CCTV host Zhang Quanling because of the new understanding of entrepreneurship, so she became another way to open up the media business.

12 11, "vision · third Chinese (Shenzhen) innovation development forum" in the new science and Technology Park held a treasure. The vision of the theme of the forum is to promote the creation of an international vision of the environment to create an interactive issue for China and the United States entrepreneurship innovation system and the environment". The forum is also one of a series of innovative Longhua auditorium. Purple cattle fund partners, the former CCTV famous host Zhang Quanling and the famous domestic experts and scholars, investment banks and large enterprises to attend the forum, presented a thought feast on innovation.

in the roundtable session, Zhang Quanling, Chen Jin, Wang Junxiu, Liu Ligang, Mao Sheng, Hu Ning et al., "Sino US business innovation system and environment" peak dialogue.

It is reported that

The entrepreneurial environment of China’s innovation

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