Retailers how to block the cash register loopholes

one does not pay attention, one day received a number of counterfeit money, may be a day of effort will be wasted, which is the existence of loopholes in the cashier. In short, for a shop, how business is important, but also very important cashier. Once the bank has a mistake, it will directly affect the store profits.

some retail businesses that, the cashier is a very simple thing, is not to count the money number, suansuanzhang, as long as the primary school graduation count is not too bad, all can respond to come over, not what difficult. In the daily operation, even if there is a junior high school degree retail businesses, will often appear in the error checkout, so do not be a cashier. Now, I will be based on my own and the surrounding retail business in the Bank of the errors occurred, talk about the daily business of cash on the wrong place.

one, the lack of recognition of common sense, retail received counterfeit money.

in the daily retail business, I believe we have received counterfeit money experience. Not long ago, a retail merchant in the town I had received three fake tyrant gold version of one hundred yuan in the sale of cigarettes, for a few days of false things down. Received counterfeit money in business, it means that our operating profit loss, not only sold the goods, at a loss, but also gave birth to a stomach gas, damage to the health of the body.

so, in the operation of our retail business should be more careful to prevent the receipt of counterfeit money. However, the current market, the proliferation of counterfeit money, although some retail businesses have been very careful, but still received a counterfeit money in business. So, how can we put an end to the operation of counterfeit money? As the saying goes, the trouble should end it, to prevent counterfeit also start from counterfeit body.

in the daily operation, our retail merchants received counterfeit money for many reasons: some because of negligence, no serious coin identification, careless received counterfeit money; others is the owner of counterfeit awareness is poor, that are left in right and old customers that are not counterfeit to fool him (her); but more on the counterfeit money by cognitive enough, specializes in the use of counterfeit liar trick cheat, which received counterfeit money.

retail merchants to deal with counterfeit money there are many ways: first, when the cashier can not be careless, careful with caution, do not let counterfeit money into the store. The two is to prepare a detector in the supermarket, one by one test for each coin received, not to counterfeit the user can take advantage of the machine. The three is studying some cognitive skills and collect some counterfeit money, counterfeit samples placed in the counter, usually no customers to counterfeit currency and real currency put together, repeated comparison and cognitive training, learning the difference between counterfeit currency and real currency, counterfeit money to escape.

two, be negligent miscalculation cashier mistakes, loss of reputation.


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