High speed rail will push low cost food related issues one by one to answer

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high-speed rail fares, high-speed rail on the price of food is concerned, for this series of problems, the general manager of China railway company Sheng Guangzu told reporters visit, said the high-speed rail will push the price of food.

3 5, the NPC, Sheng Guangzu, general manager of China Railway Corporation to participate in the deliberations of the delegation of Jiangsu. After the meeting, he just stood up and was quickly surrounded by a crowd of reporters, in the face of a "spicy" problem, Sheng Guangzu said with a smile, you don’t worry, one said slowly. When the high-speed rail fare discount, modern express reporter of public concern the recovery of 350 kilometers per hour, 15 yuan to buy high tin questions and other hot issues, Sheng Guangzu patiently respond.

high iron independent pricing, the price will be adjusted?

As for the

Speaking of the

discount fares, Sheng Guangzu said in fact there are many railway railway company, in the off-season there is a discount.

why not consider half price ticket for standing room?

regardless of a seat or no seat, the railway enterprise service and the cost is the same, buy tickets without seat passengers in train seat can also be seated. In fact, the full price ticket for standing room is a common practice of public transportation, all roads, bus, subway, with the railway transportation ability, we also hope that the ticket for standing room less and less, so that passengers can sit on the train.

will high-speed rail 350 kilometers per hour?