Shop name to prevent infringement

in a legal society at present such, once involved in "tort", not only by economic sanctions, but also by the criminal punishment, therefore, whether we are doing what kind of business investment, in the "tort" on the need to pay attention to. The shop name is the most vulnerable to infringement, we need to pay attention to.

recently, a restaurant in Beijing Obama head as a sign and named OFC sparked hot friends. Nearby residents said that the restaurant is a college student entrepreneurship shop, has not yet opened.

5, the owner of the Beijing City University sophomore Zhu Baolai behind the billboard on the OFC has been pulled him out, exposing the back. Zhu Baolai said that his love has always been funny, billboard design, just feel creative, did not think a lot.

did not expect the matter was reported by the media, but caused a number of domestic media attention. It is said that KFC is preparing to take legal action. In this regard, Zhu Baolai said it was possible to be held under the pressure of legal responsibility to force him quickly removed the OFC".

"OFC" fried chicken shop owner worried about being held by the legal liability of KFC, the billboard on the "OFC" word to pull off, exposing the backplane. He said that his love has always been funny, think to have creative design only, did not think a lot.

is a newly opened Beijing fried chicken shop, hang the signs of President Obama cartoon picture, was called OFC. KFC has even issued a statement saying they are infringing. Who was it that made such a big noise? The owner of this fried chicken shop is a student of 3 Beijing City University. In order to avoid infringement, they now the name changed to UFO.

regardless of whether KFC really pursue the responsibility of the fried chicken store, but if it has been retained, nature is not a long-term approach. And many Chinese shops like this rub edge of the name, you need to pay attention to whether infringement oh.

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