Hefei netizen character is what kind of Zhongshan index for you secret

now a lot of people are feeling, you can not eat meat for three days, but not a day without the Internet, the number of Internet users soared, the character of the Internet has become a very interesting research. In the Internet deeply in all aspects of life today, the Internet every day you will be in QQ, micro-blog, WeChat, and other forums to leave their "footprint", Hefei network users "footprint" what is the difference? Let’s take a look.

7 2, the first domestic Internet users China personality research report released in Guangzhou in 67, a city in the country, Hefei netizens are keen to spread the strongest expression of daily life, and Wenzhou Internet users participate in hot events spread was most active in Xianyang, users of the most rational, Hangzhou netizen most emotional, network business North heat index Guangzhou in the highest.

Hefei netizens favorite expression "  ability to spread the strongest domestic

and Hefei Internet users, according to statistics, Wenzhou netizen "most serious", the highest degree of concern for the rule of law, politics, economy class topic; Xianyang netizen "the reason", the network of the most logical; Hangzhou netizen "the perception", netizens relative emotional expression tendency is more obvious, but at the same time "the most positive expression in the network", use more confidence and satisfaction of active vocabulary. According to the data of LIWC in Xianyang, Shijiazhuang, corpus analysis, Changde, Hangzhou, Beijing city and other users in the emotional expression is more rational, obviously reflected a high degree of concern of the political news in the city of Internet users.


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