How to put the snack food store

whether adults or children should be very like to eat delicious snacks, snacks demand is very large, so you want to start a business, how to open a snack bar? The first thing is to do a good job site selection, followed by doing a good job in the snack bar decoration, followed by the snack shop goods placed. Goods placed in this link will often be ignored by the operators, as long as the snacks as much as possible, as long as the service can be in place, as long as the placement, as long as it does not mess on the line. However, the fact is not the case, the store should also be placed in order to get customers favor.

first of all, according to the age of the stage set up, such as 0 to 3 years of age children; children aged from 4 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ 9 ~ 12 years of age, such as children’s class; snack food store goods how to place? In a category, and can be classified according to function or functions, such as health care, leisure; or biscuits, confectionery, beverage category; the younger ones, swing position lower, older, pendulum position is a bit higher, so that they will be able to get out to.

snack snack shop goods how to place? Children’s food will be arranged to have a guiding role, necessary to add some warm tips, such as children’s eating jelly notes, can’t use instant noodles instead of dinner, tell them what snacks you can eat a little snack, which should only eat less, so the surface will be some loss of business, but in the long run, will make the customer a sense of trust to the shop, to form a fixed customer.

snack snack shop goods how to put? The economic category of small packaging and gift type packing separately, children and students for their own consumption are generally small packing a few sugar and a few pieces of chocolate or a few biscuits; parents relatives and friends are exquisite atmosphere, luxurious slightly some large packaging. The smaller the more parents choose to choose.

believe that after reading this article, you will know how to put snacks, small series of text is limited, can not be described in place, I hope to forgive, snack snack shop goods how to place? Can be set according to the age of the target population snacks, can also be placed in accordance with the role and function. In the classification of goods, the same or similar series should be put together to facilitate customer purchase. Of course, children’s casual snack store shelves are also relatively short, easy for children to buy.

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