How to manage the restaurant location is not good

we all know that the location of a store is very important, it is impossible for all of the stores are in a very good location, if not how to do a lot of good? Based on the store rent and their own reasons, some restaurant owners can not shop in the downtown area, can only be returned to the second place in the location is not good shop. But the lot does not mean that the business is difficult to do, which makes part of the operator is very distressed. A shop Nanbindi king Liziba Liangshan chicken shop in Suining recently pushing is a special case, although the location is not good, but business is bursting. Let’s explore the reason.

, first opened a few days ago to eat

bosses on the network (micro-blog, WeChat) quickly to the local mining active account, even active yellow V account, and everyone is invited and repeatedly call to confirm the orientation for sample time, specific location, and if there are a few shops do. The boss is so warm heart service, tasting hundreds of natural can’t help to share micro-blog, WeChat spread circle of friends, too much!

second, the introduction of WeChat scanning

add plum dam public number you can print a favorite photo inside the phone. Plum dam gets a quick boost to customers, and customers get fresh and record their favorite photos. After the customer left the merchant can still push through the public number to convey information to the customer.

third, two-dimensional code powder

whether it is a table or a paper towel box or wet paper and so on the whole line into the two-dimensional code, and now a little bit of playing the phone will scan, and a number of public suction powder.

fourth, dishes named

such as "entanglement" of this dish, when the customer first to see the shop, always curious about this in the end is what dish with curiosity always want to solve the mystery, it will make you "a".

even in the bad area also never mind, as long as the proper methods can successfully take business profit, of course in a good position to better promote the business, the restaurant’s location is very important, I believe this point is beyond doubt, but the location is not the decisive factor. If the restaurant is not in place, the operator will have to do some optimization in other places to make up, so also make money. Plum dam operating experience is worth learning.

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