How to apply for car beauty shop site after the documents

in Chinese, wants to formalize a true cause, must be affirmed by the government, so you have to deal with some documents, so if you invest in car beauty business, you know the location, how to handle those documents? Let Xiaobian for you.

The first face

for business license and tax registration certificate, the specific process is to accept -> examination; -> -> licensing approval; the first is to do with the need for information. Prepare information: "individual industrial and commercial households pre approved name registration form" (the name approved by the commerce and industry); "individual businesses and business registration application form" (with the other employees to fill "personnel registration form"); ID card, a copy of 2; the city often live population and family planning (temporarily) that photo (one inch); 3.

At the same time there are business sites that

(the rental property rental contract and the lessor shall submit the certificate of the property; real estate owned property shall submit the certificate and a copy of the original, change the use of functions to be submitted to the planning department of land, the landlord’s opinion) a copy of the deed of house leasing contract a copy (no real evidence that the landlord open to the community property that can be).

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