What are the tips for small retail stores

large shops due to the large area, while the operation of the funds is very adequate, so you can try to carry out some promotional activities to drive the store’s performance. And some small retail stores do not have such an advantage, if you want a good store performance, naturally need to master more business coup. Although the small retail formats in terms of competitiveness and strength can not be compared with those of large commercial super, but also has a zero distance contact with consumers, small boat U-turn advantage. The so-called shopping malls such as the battlefield, how to stand out among the many businesses, retain customers, to win the profits, businesses naturally have to move a little.

, a terminal display image. Small retail stores because of the operating area and hardware constraints, often give people the impression that dirty, chaotic, crowded. So for small retail stores, change the image of a top priority. In particular, cigarette this special commodity, but also pay attention to keep clean, good display. Imagine, who will take two dust or damaged, wrinkled cigarette to send it? In order to ensure the quality of cigarettes, do not display and other commodities (such as mixing and washing powder together easily odor, etc.).

at the same time, the price tag can not be ignored, so that customers into the store to buy cigarettes can be at a glance, and quickly make the decision to buy cigarettes. So keep the cigarette clean, clean, standardized display is the boss should always pay attention to the focus. Take the original modern terminal demonstration shop Huade grocery stores, because while reducing the baby, ignoring the shop boss cannot be in two places at once, to maintain the image, store image as before, things out of order, resulting in cigarette sales decreased significantly. After the customer manager finds the problem, help the boss to improve the display. After the customer manager and boss to sort out, build, store and a new look, sales will soon come up.

two, the idea of exquisite clever recommend. Retail customers every day to deal with the cigarette consumers of every hue, the service attitude will directly influence the cigarette buy back rate, only for people with a smiling, friendly, sincere, not to lose the trust of the consumers, the business will be more prosperous. On the contrary, put on a shelf, or pull a long face all day, even if the business area is good, the customer will therefore continue to lose. Of course, a full understanding of the different price of cigarettes flavor, accurately determine the purchase needs of consumers, the purchase of cigarettes, but also to be successful in the promotion of cigarettes.

for example, there is a consumer into the store to buy a pure Ya wolf, the results of the smoke just sold out. But the boss did not use a "sold out" to send the guests, but quickly recommended that, otherwise, you buy ‘pure environment’, the price is almost, but also low coke, as good pumping." The guests thought, agreed. If you do not have enough homework before, the price of the consumer and the need to determine the taste of smell, the boss is no way to promote success in the first time. Competition is not only the competition of the merchant’s hard power, but also the soft power

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