Using entrepreneurial loans to open up the road of entrepreneurship letinous edodes

media published the story of many entrepreneurs, they have been faced with various difficulties, but ultimately by virtue of the policy and their own efforts to tide over the difficulties. Wuqing District, letinous edodes growers Zhou Yuxiang venture in the support of government loans, expanding production, harvest.

now although it was winter, but in the Wuqing District of Cha Gu Gang Zhen Jun Hua mushroom cooperatives in the greenhouse, the big letinous edodes has entered the harvest period, more than and 700 square meters of greenhouse, more than the surrounding villagers are happy to pick the second crop of letinous edodes. General manager Zhou Yuxiang said happily, this year letinous edodes is growing well, picking up a large amount of market, which can be thanks to the strong support of the regional human social security departments.

2015 in early 2009, Zhou Yuxiang learned that the production of liquid bacteria stick letinous edodes effect is very good, he hurried to visit the field to learn. But when they came back, found that the existing cultivation of cooperatives can not meet the relevant requirements, funding gap reached about two million yuan. But he didn’t have enough money on hand, and the interest of the commercial loan was too high, which made Zhou Yuxiang stumped. When they were embarrassed, after the Wuqing District Bureau of human resources and social security service center director Zhang Shuyan heard the news, after careful study, decided to apply for business loans to cooperatives. In the strong support of the relevant departments, the successful application of the cooperative finally to 2 million yuan discount loans.

the loan, Zhou Yuxiang felt at ease, drive more foot. In 2015 August, Zhou Yuxiang will be planting all liquid bacteria stick together, after 10 days of culture and 3 months of spawnrunning period, the first crop of edible fungi have a good harvest, two months less than solid cultivation, and grow better, this let Zhou Yuxiang eat the pill. Zhou Yuxiang said:   2016 will also expand the scope of the cultivation of liquid rods, and gradually replace all solid bacteria stick inside the club, so that the public basket more abundant, so that farmers increase income and employment."

with the public business atmosphere increasingly strong, Wuqing entrepreneurs like Zhou Yuxiang more and more. Zhang Shuyan told reporters that in 2015, the business service center issued a total of nearly sixty-eight million yuan loan guarantee business, Liubaiwushiyu entrepreneurs benefit, also driven around 7000 people in employment. This year, Wuqing will continue to increase for farmers and two groups of college students entrepreneurship support, at the same time for entrepreneurial training in different groups, improve the "entrepreneurship training + + + business consulting expert guidance policy loans" and "one-stop" one-stop business service mode, help the public business". < recommended

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