The 76 most successful entrepreneurial projects for College Students

"now college students are all over the street, looking for a job is not so easy!" A lot of people are feeling, but some graduates chose to start a business. Students are often full of hope for the future, with young blood, vigor and vitality, and "fearless" spirit, which are an entrepreneur should have quality, then choose the project is essential to college students’ entrepreneurship. Today, the whole network Xiaobian for you about the entrepreneurship of college students six good project!

Seven college students venture investment projects recommended:

1 wild herbs:

"business school" moves: wild herbs.

, shepherd’s purse, bracken, Houttuynia…… These are very common wild vegetables, but do it with the city compared to the hotel is particularly refreshing, chic, absolutely green and healthy food. I noticed that some wild herbs have been market development, such as bracken, wild mushrooms have some professional wholesale company, to buy more convenient, I also want to cooperate with the farmyard suburbs have some fame, so that people can eat at any time these delicious things, for example, I often go to the Huairou fish "master".

As a counter measure:

2 member stores:

"business school" moves: membership.

80 entrepreneurs Xiaocai express soup shop is not the first, but under the tutelage of a Hongkong girl. It is said that the first soup before delivery is a white-collar office, in the daily busy for his beloved to drink soup and bitter. One day, she flashes, why not open a soup shop express, provide a homely caring for me as an office white-collar? So, girl quit, opened a soup delivery shop, business was good phones are ringing off the hook. Xiao Cai’s soup

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