Work out the investment opportunities

is now facing the reality of society, we have to go with the cruel reality, we are a group of migrant workers and one of them, we are also eager to think of those workers like to wear a suit, and decorated the office, but a month down all the dreams are buried in the cruel reality under the. 2000 yuan of new wages, rent, food can not leave a few change. But at that time, 1000 can also rent a small single room in the south of the downtown area, with a small balcony, life, although the constraints but not embarrassed. Two years later, wages did not increase how much consumption has multiplied, now 1000 yuan at most can rent a small bedroom on a less than 10 flat plain outside the second ring, without sunshine and hope. House under the landlord’s eyes like a piece of tofu, the more cut the smaller, from the dwelling to the ants, and even the emergence of a workplace apartment, a bed will be 3, 400. The man who can survive in this big city is not easy!

As to the

in metropolis, residential buildings are generally above the 10~20 layer, according to the average of the 15 layer, a building has 30 households, of which at least half above is not the landlord lived alone, but for rent. For those who can earn more money for the landlord, is a good thing, the master bedroom is separated into two rooms, two rooms into living room out, the kitchen is a, with the times, a suite of "cut" down, two bedroom became the 6 room 0 hall. The house is not tofu, "cut" is not a knife, but with a "partition". Want to turn the house into more rent, the two decoration". A huge amount of work can not be used in a large number of partitions!


"special" material

"special" function in

General material of gypsum board hard waterproof and insulation. However, the production of special gypsum board wall by the eagle sound insulation effect is very good, only 120mm thick, the sound insulation of the wall up to 45 decibels or more, far beyond the national standards in the quality, functionality impeccable!

If the real estate


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