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started his first personal stop in 2003 and has been around for almost 5 years. 5 years, what make money do what, therefore, do countless sites, with the website of the prosperity and prosperity, decline and decline. Look at the current international situation and China economic situation, I think: after the Olympic Games, is likely to be an Internet winter by union life’s small webmaster I might have frozen to death in the winter, so recently a headache in their thinking way.

A few days ago to see the news: the number of

users Chinese has more than the United States, became the world’s largest number of Internet users, Internet users and Chinese coverage rate of only 16%, rise space is very large, and in the rising space of Internet users in rural areas is a geometric growth. The problem that has puzzled me for a few months has suddenly come to light. Be a web site for rural Internet users.

as we all know, in a mature field inside the station, traffic is relatively guaranteed, but the pressure of competition can be imagined, especially in the absence of all small adsense. If entering a people (capital) are not involved in the field, you open a piece of land, is bound to the achievements of the industry intensive and meticulous farming.

along this line of thinking, I was thinking: rural Internet users in the future will be great, so the service of rural Internet users must be promising, there is no doubt about it. But to let the real farmers also use it in just a few years time will be able to fix things, so if you do a service of ordinary farmers website future space is great, but as we have such a small webmaster have the money and confidence to support 3-5? I don’t think I can. Therefore, in the face of rural Internet users, but also for rural Internet users in the net and the Internet is going to this group, so I thought of migrant workers, this is a very special group in china. Many rural surplus labor force, while young to work in the city, earn some money to go back to the countryside to get married and have children (the cost of living in the city is too high, after all, not everyone can survive).

, this group of people in the city. For some years, the growth of knowledge, go back to the countryside after absolutely than their parents expected, secure a good third of an acre, they think in rural areas create a cause of their own. They are also a group of knowledgeable and knowledgeable people in the countryside, so they must be pioneers in the countryside. I recently launched my station: rural business network (www.f966.com), seize their needs to provide services for the rural business network can I hope to provide some help for Internet pioneers in rural areas, but also produce economic benefits it should be.

wrote here, I think, all immersed in the dumpster mud are struggling to find a way out of the webmaster colleagues, we should respond to the call of Chairman Mao: "rural world, you have a brilliant future". Let’s wind up a collection of Internet content services for rural Internet users.

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