What are the standards for vulgar websites

first look at what is bad information reporting center about vulgar standards,

this time, cleaning up the online vulgar content mainly includes:

1, direct human exposure and describe the contents of sites; (it is needless to say, these are directly exposed to color, line is very obvious! Hope people just a layman, do not understand the art, art =xx


2, expressed or obscure sexual behavior, provocative or offensive content; (the world so many people, a so-called Teaser picture in the eyes of each person has a different definition in the middle-aged man’s eyes, it is just a piece of clothes less pictures are not enough attract the eye; in the middle-aged women’s eyes, there is too much wear so little, as they have in the street clothes exposed young woman as judge, do not rule out the envy and jealousy of the heart; in front of a young man may feel sexy, beautiful, if a bit less would be better; in the young girl eyes, I wear less put in this position more than her good-looking…. XX behavior and insulting certainly not


3, with sexually suggestive, sexually provocative language, descriptive behavior, sexual process, sexual content; (this is easy to understand, write more, it is called "color love novel",


4, no body or private parts of clothing, with limbs only cover the contents of the private parts; (oh, originally did not wear clothes by hand, foot, hair to block all the vulgar! Good understand! Instead, out of the art is called a " "


5, with the nature of the violation of personal privacy, steal, leak exposed film etc.; (easy to understand it, steal is certainly not legitimate, we can not do things of privacy, do not know if not posted no face dew point, self timer, underwear not vulgar that I have to get to? Your mobile phone only wearing underwear photos to delete, the more vulgar!)

6, according to the vulgar and provocative headline hits; (the title of the party, it is time to close the hill, portal website editor of this aspect very good, pay tribute to them! Of course you are in mop


7, the relevant departments to prohibit the dissemination of the color and text, audio and video content of the social morals injury, including some movie fragments (this abridged; needless to say, are prohibited things, you still messing around, who catch you catch?)

8, a spread of harmful information – night stands, wife swap, sexual abuse; (this kind of information on the network ten nine cheat, I don’t have the courage to try, do not know whether you have tried?)

9, love – color anime; (say, love – color, of course, forbid!)

10, to promote violence, malicious abuse, insults and other content; (violence, of course not, malicious abuse and insulting others is not advisable, as I say here without dirty words, >

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