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grassroots website profit, is a real problem, means it is not a permanent solution, if you want to do for a long time the website, must find a good website profit pattern. In Zhejiang webmaster group, every day some people discuss the profit model, a website only walk for their own commercial route, so that the website development can be long. There is no profit, the website development is can’t do anything. How to make profits has become very urgent. Now the industry subdivision has been more and more highlights of his advantage, the development trend of the Internet is to place and professional development, so the local website has gradually become the focus of future network, how to profit as the local station website? Here, we invited to the Zhejiang station station of long sunshine, we listen to his advice. Maybe it can give you some enlightenment.

Zhejiang times Xiao Ke: Hello, Mr. Sun, I heard your story very long ago. Can you bask in your income this month? Since it is a profitable local station. You shouldn’t be stingy. Everyone wants to hear what you think,


Sun: it is not profit at all, profit thinking, in fact I’m still a step by step to explore. So far, with the help of webmaster friends, can only be said to be slightly harvested. It can not be said that there are great achievements. Here I can only say go ahead, give you some reference. What about this month?. Because of the impact of the economic crisis last year, our income is affected by a number of large area, especially the last block, many owners chose to quit, relates to the space service refund problem. Of course, the impact is only one-sided. Our income this month is 2556.8 yuan. The income list is as follows. The exact amount is not counted.

1. Zhejiang stationmaster station is the senior agent of Jiangxi aaaidc and China Electric Huatong, can sell not less than 10 spaces every month, each space can earn 20-40. It costs more than 300 yuan.

2. Zhejiang station every month a small line activities, Hangzhou local IDC service providers will be involved, according to the different needs of each issue will have to sell the naming rights, each naming rights of about 180 yuan last month, and the Western Digital 59 Huatong Electric, a total of 8 service providers to participate in the activities of about 800 yuan

3. site ads above, an advertising position, a month ad cost is 200 200*3=600

4. website construction activity

5., another income is mainly agent sales website, each station earn at least 100 yuan, sell 10 every month, no problem,

Xiao Ke

of the Zhejiang times: I saw you just out of the income list, found that many are a number, why not sure? Is there other factors? Can specific about? I think this problem is the webmaster concern in many places.

sunshine: the difference between a local website and a national one is here, and the national web site is either unprofitable or

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