My first experience in learning a website

first welcome friends come to see my article, explained that this is not the first time for love, it is the first time to do web site.

smiled, don’t shoot me a brick if you hurry, look at my work, because from a hospital out of business, of course, is not the best computer business, how to do it, do it, I have previous programming experience, using Delphi to do some desktop applications, also do the database. With this experience, I think the site should not, so I want to start from the website. You may have friends who despise you. You think it’s easy to do a website, and you don’t see how many you die. I didn’t understand it at first. If you think it’s easy, just use the website.

)What language is

, ASP, checked, feeling ASP security is not high, and the Institute of ASP, the job wages, he is not high, of course I said generally, don’t have friends that high levels of the same high wages, this is another said. First PHP, PHP is also good, but a look at the JSP, higher than PHP security, it is important to consider me, if the site do not, at least I know something about JSP, after looking for work a bit easier, choose JSP. But I did not learn Java, learn how to do it, there may be a friend and a contemptuous disregard it? (do you think JSP good school ah, dizzy, arrogant guy! See how you die!) JSP? It’s easy to say, hard to do, but I have a previous open Internet cafes left in computer home, take the money out of the 2M ADSL to start over, the first step is to learn java! Oh, from there, learn it, first look at Java, I searched the Internet, we have a certain understanding, people learn Java, to learn the basics, I am a little Cheng Jichu no, from the basics, I will have the basic method to control statements, starting directly from jsp.

first I downloaded from the Internet to find the mldn n video, web site, Download all can download of the java video (accidentally put my 80G disk download is broken, you think about how much I downloaded it), then I learned to see the video every day, which saw 2 months, finally the sense of it, begin to do a website. How do you start? Make a simple website first. Turn on the QQ and join the Java related groups. Then a little bit of adding JSP code, running on the eclipse, can run, modify, modify and then run, and finally have a perceptual understanding of the operation of JSP. See MVC later thought, well, take a look, understand it, to use servlet, servlet what is it, I don’t understand, look at some of the information, look for a few days, do not know how to use, regardless of his first run with eclipse using a wizard to generate the servlet, yo, run also, I change the code, output, yo, so I put servlet there, haha. You have to say "now"

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