Why did persist in the cat for so many years Growth history from operations to Director


I mop.com Time passes very quickly. for nearly 7 years, in less than more than 100 days. Writing this article, one is to be a summary of many years of experience and mop.com, hope can give now hard to force the operation of some enlightenment, some encouragement, it is difficult to do community, I hope more and more excellent operators emerge.

I spent a year and a half in mop: practicing basic skills,

in the cat during this period of time, I basically in the cat stick paste affixed to do the basic operations, during which I have done six months of products, affixed to the early virtual currency, props, integration systems, etc., is what I did. I do not good, then I often hit it off and several techniques together, understand the rules of logic, many mop.com, they let me know the importance of data.

my strength or operation, the first version was over is really my show, I soon found a breakthrough. One is to do real users, especially beauty users, and two are activities. So a few years later, the cat appeared a lot of beautiful women, models, in fact, those are basically real people. I don’t love to users (be familiar with the operation of the people should know this method), because false is always false, the user is not a fool, sooner or later will be found.

, the first activity I made, turned the page data 3 times.

of course, each section of the practice is different, a good operation will always find a breakthrough. But the original edition of the forum, these two methods can be copied directly. Users are the most valuable resources in the community, the importance of user resources will be reflected in many ways, this is called user operations. Of course, there are a lot of details in this ring, and it is very difficult. We need enough patience. We can not build up our prestige in the minds of users without spending enough effort and getting enough time.

I remember that I had spent 4 hours making a post on the "cannon dog" of the artillery artillery. Until now, we were good friends, and now he has been vice president. If I think the time is worth it, I’ll do it.

was lazy in the first few years of the operation, and you had to take the basic skills. Many people think that the operation is very simple, in fact, this is a shallow entry, but deep knowledge of the industry, you think simple, can only show that your vision is not enough open.

as long as you are careful enough, you can reach many interesting world, industry and crowd.

either the user operation, operating activities, events and packaging, the third party platform operation and so on, to do every thing, it is necessary to understand the purpose in doing this is what, this will determine the need to spend much time to do the work. All aspects of the operation can be further broken down, but if you’ve never done anything like that, you can’t handle that,

2009-2010: three years of growth,

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