Share your experiences with your colleagues in the nternet industry

our team’s project is the "Bo Bo job application apartment network", mainly for remote job seekers to provide low-end residential information services. From October 31, 2006, the project was formally launched on January 3, 2007 and has been operating for one and a half years. 08 years in April to obtain venture capital. It is still in the process of hard, cautious and groping in the process of entrepreneurship.

some of these experiences are shared with all of you in the process of Entrepreneurship:

‘s past (failure) experience:

I was doing before the Yupo job apartment network "also try to start a few times, including sales and support agents, software product operation industry personnel website, software project outsourcing, basically ended in failure. Because I have been working on software technology for nine years, so the projects I pay attention to are in the field of software and internet.

I’ve summed up the lessons of past unsuccessful startups:

1, not focused and not fully committed to the project. Often in the operation of a project, a friend introduced other software projects come, let me earn a little money, but in the main business to reduce the energy invested, failure has become inevitable.

2, impatient for success, impatience, lack of patience.

3, no solid team. At that time, the sale of software products, and their own market, and do technical propaganda, the results of a link is not done. Take the Internet venture project terms, technology, content, markets, funds are very important, as much as possible to integrate network resources, and strive to create their own solid team.

there are a lot of lessons, really feel shy out ~ ~ ~, but because of the previous failures, in the operation of "excellent Bo network job apartment" process has laid out "persistence" and "focus" mentality.

about the selected business direction:

has already mentioned a lot of predecessors, entrepreneurship project is determined by the needs of the market, your website can really help the public solve practical problems. For example, our "Yupo job apartment" is to help you find a cheap, clean and sanitary short rental place; now we find that university graduates can not meet the requirements of the job, have skills, also have mentality, so cause a lot of graduates can not find work; many enterprises not recruit the right staff. If anyone can solve this problem, there will be a big market.

in addition, you should consider your resources in choosing the direction of your business. There are better market demand projects, if you can not grasp the core and key resources in it, it is best not to do.

select a good business direction, we should consider the business model, the website through what means to receive money?. After all, do not do public service website, to provide convenience to others, but also to consider their own commercial interests. >

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