Webmaster please make good use of the BBS link plate

link exchange, exchange connection in the webmaster forum post is the grassroots webmaster do most work everyday! Send the theme of the reply, has finished on the end, regardless of is, this plate itself is a free good place to get outside the chain, but we have never thought of how to use this opportunity to get free of the chain of


believes that most of the webmaster is Ctrl+C, then Ctrl+V, a post format year-round released in various forums, search engines to get more the chain, but it has violated a rule search engine: duplicate content! The same post, is full of repetitive elements, which greatly reduces the search engine included and let your labor become worthless, wasted time! So we do a little change in the release of posts can be connected, so that each post content is not the same, which helps search engines to get free of the post, connect more! Look at the following example:

1: in order to improve your search engine, avoid the link format repeat, I’m ready for my Suzhou plant network write some offbeat exchange format! But how to write it, really a bit difficult, after all, Suzhou plant rental this one I still don’t understand, after all, is a person in the operation, no intermediary no qualifications, experience to promote the line, so I can only put on the network domain name http://s. Szchang. Cn a wide range of exposure, and then began to publish links to each forum, issued soft text, hoping to get more of the company.

2: search engine in order to avoid punishment for repeated content, improve your search engine, I prepared some offbeat connection in exchange for the Suzhou plant I, to get more is included! But how to write has become a problem, site for such a long time, I was a man in the operation. Suzhou plant rental this one I still don’t understand, because there is no entity operating experience, so only in the network to send connection, send text, the domain name http://s.szchang.cn greatly I was hoping to get more exposure! Even outside, interested please contact me QQ: 5163858.

This two

post, get rid of old before the exchange format, the simple connection exchange became short text format! A paragraph is very short, I highlight the name of the site, the site keywords and domain name, and just do some simple adjustments to the text, but let the contents have been changed, for the search engine, is the two original articles fresh! So as to increase the collection probability, than before the connection form a single repeat much better! Of course, my writing is limited, just write something, we can according to the characteristics of the site, write some different short.

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