Website how to do promotion and flow

Baidu search, a lot of users ask, if you do promotion, how to promote better effect, quick access to traffic station for several years, the following talk about my promotion and do some of the flow of experience,

is a new collection method must be introduced into the flow of the search engines that do not submit address if the traffic it the easiest way to find high quality links in their search engine under their own domain name (OH)

The next

is doing keyword optimization layout selection work about the keyword I generally do not love started to do a lot in general is lower after they bid keyword search volume with bidding to do high density included in many low keyword query tool defaultView=2 (GG)


other search engine tools, Baidu,

keywords include the home page keywords, pages keywords, links, keywords, soft text promotion keyword,

home page with the inner pages of key words should pay attention to tour links, that is, from A-B B-C C-D D-B D-A this mode

The next step is to do

flow: generally do flow of many methods in addition to the conventional method, we can also be a large number of blog outside the chain of soft outside the chain (note that you have to do is designed without chaos stick)

more promotional skills reference: (Meizhou enterprise website)

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