Talking about how to create a website atmosphere

from the Internet in the push towards the information display and user interaction from the content of the times in the process, we focus on the new profit model, pay attention to fine user marketing, focus on the user experience research, pay more attention to improving the information architecture and page display, at the same time, we also often ask whether our website to the user convey a reflection of brand atmosphere.

in the projects undertaken, often talk with product managers, how to create a safe or lively or serious or relaxed atmosphere to create a website, relatively clear characteristics of the product, to convey to the user, in order to get a good reputation. From which latitude should we grasp the product function, the information architecture, the mode of operation, or the visual effect?

, let’s take a couple of examples to see how the website atmosphere affects our experience:

case 1. sports live

sports has done before the revision, the user experience evaluation, in fact not many usability problems, the key task (location of live content, watch live content, participate in interactive) can accurately complete, but many users complain, do not click on desire, do not feel they are in a broadcast channel, no a warm and tense atmosphere.


Figure 1, the revised version of the sports broadcast page

analysis of the revised version of the page:

1) interface flat, visual area is divided into two parts, the left view tree browsing, according to time dimension and live two arrangements to achieve conversion of different events, Windows Explorer typical experience, no time and events combined to show the way, highlighting the lack of upcoming events;

2) the right is divided into four modules, "illustrated" static show hot spots, the module recommended content and the current live content associated with low

3) live chat rooms and comments in the garbage more content, without the corresponding content screening mechanism, reducing the site’s sense of trust

4) media media only text and pictures, and the proportion of pictures less, no dynamic display effect

after revision,

1) text and picture content operations have been optimized for the current hot topics related topics,

2) live entrance enrichment, according to live content, live channel and event information division

3) the relationship between the modules is clear, and the content of part of the live broadcast adds audio, video and multimedia to


Figure 2 Revised sports live page

this way, events, urgent competition information rich, various tidbits interwoven entertainment sense vividly in eye "

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