The clothing store moved online a small girl’s webmaster Road

moves the clothing store to the Internet, a girl’s stationmaster road.

Hello, my name is Li Li, I am a clothing store operators, because online clothing sales and fell in love with the construction site, with the help of friends, now has its own website, become a really personal webmaster.


07 years of the Spring Festival, in the friend’s persuasion, I finally decided to own clothing store "beautiful clothing store" moved to Taobao, began my online clothing trade.

08 years of Spring Festival, in the twinkling of an eye, shop already 1st anniversary, in this year, I learned a lot, know a lot, accumulated a lot. A year, I not only saw the online clothing market, but also saw the online clothing wholesale market, after a series of market research, in 08 years before 38 women’s day, for clothing wholesale website. Wholesale is also formally launched.

out of curiosity, fun, participated in the 9V beauty show station competition, and now saw the vote began, and their votes are so small, a little reluctant. Then write an article to cheer up the tickets. I hope big love will vote for me.

my voting address is:

at the same time, also want to make friends with more personal webmaster, welcome webmaster add my QQ group: 39975625 verification, wholesale pass.

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