The functions of the CMS system of station intelligence

now stands CMS system emerging. From simple to complex functions. From powerful to functional. From the major brands of CMS system to the personal development of the CMS system or CMS system and studio team, let the individual owners in the choice of station system when the dazzling effect, no start! The small plum and share the wisdom of the station CMS system must have the function of

!One of the functions that

CMS systems must have:


CMS system must have the ability to automatically set title and deccription for each page. Basically, most of the good CMS systems are supported on this point, such as Dede, Empire, phpcms, etc.. These CMS systems are basically support setting the title and description on each page! One of the most important factors affecting the website ranking is the website of similar pages can not be too much! So set for each page of the title and description is a must, it can maximize to avoid repetition of the

station page!

CMS system must have two of the functions:

station tag polymerization set, this is one of the basic conditions for the CMS system! For the polymerization of tag understanding, there are many novice webmaster have mistakes, always think that since there is a keyword set, so why the tag?! here, Liz to explain words according to page keywords appear! The density to a reasonable set, can also according to want to highlight the theme set! But the tag setting is different, tag is more like a type of polymerization method with bookmarks, categories and keywords, the contents of re ordering and as a result, the first row! The content correlation will increase second, the polymerization of tag page the weight of the page is much higher than other! So a good CMS system will be a good tag set function! In this way, can improve the page weight, and can be used In the chain to attract spiders grab content, ascension correlation degree and weight!


CMS system must have three of the functions:


good! Now more and more Internet applications, including the application of mobile phone access websites and forums QQ landing, is CMS system scalability and good interface in order to achieve! So a good CMS system must be upgraded and expanded function! So as to ensure that the website can support users the application of all love


CMS system must have four of the functions:

The underlying code structure of

better, now has a CMS system a new person or team, although the interface is very nice, but the open source code structure, but it is very unfriendly! Good code structure is conducive to the spider crawling, and spiders crawl the web faster, more favorable to enhance the website weight so the CMS system must be good! "

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