Work to good things must first benefit its device the webmaster site must read

many webmaster introduced the site experience, site construction skills, I don’t say here,

today, I mainly talk about the choice of webmaster tools, that is, from the beginning to the end of the station, a good tool for building,

can achieve twice the result with half the effort, is the webmaster station must consider the problem!


so-called "work to good", it must first benefit its device, as a webmaster, want to build money, site building tools can not be missing,

choose their own site building tools, the site will be half the success, not much to say, began,


space selection:

if you have the conditions, you can build your own server, but many webmaster can not do this, so the virtual space must be selected,

good virtual space must have enough bandwidth to access it quickly,

followed by stability, the server can not stop 3 days, two,

third, data security should be guaranteed, space providers to provide backup strategy, they have to backup for a period of time,


site selection:

now there are many free web site tools, there are ASP based, as well as PHP and JSP, I have basically used, ASP simple,

but the performance and security problems, JSP open-source program is too small, and space providers to support very little, and hosting costs are very high, so I recommend the PHP program,

the reason is simple, open source code a lot, stable performance, security is also not a problem, hosting costs have basically been almost the same as the ASP program,

database is half of MySQL, php+mysql is a classic CMS site combination,

no nonsense, talk about several tools:

, I’m the hbcms, my site, and are used, that’s what this is done,

CMS system is simple, applicable, fully generated static pages, now open source, completely free, and integration of the acquisition function, you can collect data,

I tested, only feel bad is the template less specific information, Google search,

does not advertise!

CMS then recommended this CMS the same dream, free open source, use more simple than hbcms, completely static page,

program calls flexible, many templates, suitable for the station just entered the door of the friends! Admin5 is the use of this system!


moreover, the Empire CMS, like the CMS above, is open source free and supports more templates, which is a little more complicated

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