Operation forum website half year experience

from October 10, 2008 to today, the forum started for six months. After this half years of toil, I still pick up the forum, from the beginning of the 10 IP to the present every day hundreds of IP, ten subjects from the beginning of the thirty theme now, from the beginning to now clear the confusion interface theme, the forum is in a step step up. In this process, I have been confused, there have been wandering, and even began to suspect my direction, now do local forum started too late? Wuhan local forum will not have too much of me now I offer all kinds of a space for one person? Wuhan life comprehensive information is not really Wuhan service? These are very uncertain, but in the end, I still believe that, with our good domain name " Wuhan forum www.wuhanren.net" with our team, keen on the Wuhan forum, with our heart and our attitude, is worth the effort, we will base on the forum Wuhan, Wuhan, into every Wuhan


forum is really very tired, especially in the early start, if one person alone post ability is very little, and there is no good content naturally can not attract people. I just started to post the original accumulation, kept the collector and post, also attracted a lot of people, the forum take shape, there is also a little income for a week. When I was pleased with oneself, suddenly by Baidu K, IP once again reduced to only a few, really depressed I have an evening can’t sleep! As a warning for the future is determined completely abandoned, collector, selectively posts, as far as possible to send some original stickers. I under the moderator is such a request. I always feel that to do the forum, there must be good material and have good content, people first will come second times. So, in relief efforts, 100 Degrees also began to update every day to collect information, the forum is also increasing the amount of visits. This also makes me adhere to the original idea.

forum with only a few hundred IP now is still not enough, the next step I mainly do is how to promote my forum, to be efficient but the cost is not too high, when a lot of advice, such as posters in the cafe toilet, wholesale advertising T-shirt label on our forum, but do not feel the effect of publicity, advertising shirts cost is too high. Finally to advertising fan, very hot summer in Wuhan, that many people are willing to accept, should believe that the effect is not bad, but also a fan of the wholesale cost only a few cents, relatively speaking is not very high. So I’m going to try..

well, I share my experience here, I just want to say, do local forum, you insist and do it, I hope you can help the newly started webmaster!


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