The importance and importance of soft net cooperation with the company

kill the soft net, stand up and get a lot of friends enthusiastic attention and help, especially kill a soft net a group of loyal members, help me maintain, offer words for me, offer together to build a soft net tomorrow. Kill soft net, go to today, this step is not easy, between the ups and downs, I believe that experienced people who have done the most profound experience. Now, I’d like to talk about the attention and importance of killing soft nets when talking with companies.

The soft kill

network station from March 20th to June 5th officially launched today, and currently has 2 companies on the cooperation, May 5, 2009 net soft kill first find Nanjing state information technology Co. Ltd. on successful cooperation. In May 25, 2009, BitDefender and China’s official agency (Shanghai soft Tatsu Electronic Technology Co., Ltd.) to discuss cooperation, but also very smooth talk down. Soft kill talk about these two examples, mainly to illustrate the importance of cooperation, the website and the matters needing attention.

site collaboration importance

cooperation is equal, reciprocity and mutual benefit, so that the interests of both sides maximize, I will combine my "soft net" and talk about. First you as a personal webmaster, can kill and soft security companies to become partners, on your website popularity is a promotion, is conducive to brand building. Second soft kill the security company is the old station for several years, in the industry have a certain reputation, and the site high weight, is conducive to improve the weights of the site PR and. Third, the soft kill security company can provide you with a series of preferential policies and resources, is conducive to the website construction and promotion. I believe that in the future cooperation, if the two sides cooperate well, there must be more in-depth and offline cooperation.

site cooperation notes

is your personal website and the first company to talk about cooperation, you must stand in the people’s point of view, your website can bring what people, such as my soft kill net at the beginning of planning, is the free resources + technology exchange + security model development. Free resources are divided into users and companies to network station certainly, website advertising to sell, you can give the company free of charge on advertising to help promote the exchange of technology products, mainly for some of the problems in the process of using soft kill, can immediately feedback to kill soft company, believe they are willing to accept. Safety lecture please is soft kill companies and security companies to free to explain, on the soft kill PC set of skills, can let you know how to set the soft kill lovers better soft kill, also can increase the safety knowledge, can maximize the protection of your machine, to kill soft company, can be extended to kill soft soft, let lovers kill more understanding of their products, familiar with their products.

second to talk about cooperation and find relevant to you, like I do soft kill, I will find safe and soft kill companies here first to know the company, detailed look at what the company is doing, do what products, recently there are no major activities or product promotion, the it is important to. Third, of course, there are some companies in the process of talking

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