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in the network also calculate their flexor this virtual world was also mixed for seven or eight years, beginning just out of empty and boring, think themselves do not know what to eat is QQ. I can do what I want to do online now. Do a small website entertain what, now that I think is really ashamed of their contact with the network later! The world changes outside the staggering, changes in the virtual network of the world is to let people drag shoes are catching up to feel a little bit difficult


many do not say, say website. There are several stations I’ve done. I’ve done movie stations, music stations, picture stations, and so on. But almost nothing results. Then a navigation station, Links site navigation started just to do with the truth, the 123 is the mobile navigation station, then the 265 navigation, now and then to do good, Sun Wukong, 2345, 114, 1166, 5566, Sogou, Xiao Yu, etc. free. Such as the navigation station quite good. Now go to Baidu to make a "site navigation", come out at once, there will be 858W! So, so many navigation stations in the end where to go,


not say that, say jump! Site navigation station is too much, want to own site in this category cup soup to drink, eat eat – it is not the jaws of death it asked for fun! But it so the navigation station, feeling are relatively scattered, of course, is riddled with defects beneath me! On the development of a site navigation station you talk about, I hope we can bring help!

one, do navigation station, or do "full + specialized", or do "special + whole"


1, "all + +" is actually a full range of navigation. The longitudinal look at each navigation station, seems to be a mold, not what new ideas, so it will not give you what impression, so we do the navigation station, you should put all the navigation station section, and then summed up some things and each station is not something that everyone we inherited development, this station is not the station we continue to maintain, so you can do "+"


2, besides "special + full", explain that professional navigation station to the whole of the whole, to strive for the whole people to find any one site in this industry, can you find in the navigation station, this is not done professional comprehensive


two, the navigation station is ready, the following is how to promote optimization,


1, do a good job site, you can go to find a webmaster tools to check their own "page keyword density" "web META information detection."".

The density of

recommended value: 2% = density less than 8%


Title: suggested length: less than or equal to 80 characters.

KeyWords: suggested length: less than or equal to 100 characters.

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