Use the broad and profound Chinese culture to write the soft text

Chinese characters can be said to be the most difficult language in the world. 2000 years of cultural heritage and the accumulation of time, Chinese can say to the one other language can’t climb. So, how to write soft Wen? Fan summed up, divided into the following 3 cases:

1, only to increase the chain

this is also the most common way. In fact, the soft Wen for many grassroots webmaster, others do not look at is not important, anyway, to add links to me on the line. This also led to the soft text industry should have been unpopular, the scene changed desolate. This method is easiest to solve. Find a technical article that is about the same as your own. In their own words out, for example, the small fan of Ji’nan, SEO site is really good, you can write a beautiful small fan of Ji’nan website optimization, web site to do particularly well. In short, do it for original!


2, in order to promote product

if this is the case, I suggest you find a few professional writers, and then mass…… Don’t bring your own website group, propaganda website advantage can, for example, my site in Baidu search small fan SEO is the first, so I can not write contact, emphasize name on it, the overwhelming mass, let other people say ^

3, above two points to do

it is a bit difficult, first of all need a good article, bring your own links, and then manually, remember to manually, don’t be afraid of trouble, there are paid, SEO is not so simple. After doing well, I have nothing to do with a blog group…… Although not as good as group warfare, it is stable and free of charge. Send to your blog, large community, large contributor website. Hair more, with the site ranking will go up, so it will achieve the effect.

note: the soft links do not too much, at most 3. Mass, then do not bring web link, or so be K.

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