Zero talent site positioning domain segmentation and regional segmentation

in the Internet industry, every day there will be a large number of personal websites, but in the new web site at the same time, but also accompanied by many old sites because of the inability to achieve profits and have to face closure. So what caused the website to be unprofitable and closed? There should be a lot of factors. I’m here to talk about the basic and the most important thing: site positioning.


site can be roughly divided into two categories: one is the use of high flow, click on the website access to certain advertising costs and achieve profitability, that is pure website form website, for example, second is the door apartment layout website; using the website on the packaging of their products or services, and poor sales, eventually obtaining benefits, such as electronic commerce website.

, for most personal websites (without team support), there is very little and very little revenue for the first kind of websites to make a profit. However, if you are good at graphic design, independent design, LOGO for business or personal ads, you can set up a graphic design studio website; if you have web design, you can create a website design studio website, showing your work on it, put your contact through a simple SEO means, network promotion means, to the website design list is very easy.

In fact,

, above two if it relates to a website localization problem, and the current site location, pay more attention to the field, regional, and this point is particularly important for individual webmaster. Or for example, we set up a network studio website, the main service is the website design and website optimization, if we face the whole Internet, in Baidu, Google ranking is difficult to dominant, and even if there is a good ranking, a year may not have much business phone. However, we are positioning the city construction site service, through a certain SEO and website promotion methods, a number of keywords to Baidu ranked first, at least every day also has a business phone, and is the city. And this is a kind of regionalization, a lot of similar examples, such as: Wuhan website construction, Shanghai website construction, Tianjin website construction and so on.

however, there are always some webmaster friends, what is done on a website, and in the end nothing is done. In a timely manner, what is called "doing everything is nothing.". Share a case: it is a good place to classified information network, half a year ago is still very good, and now not only do the classified information, local forums, local information and local sub station friends are open, more and more tend to the local portal. And as far as I know, he is still struggling, managing a website, promoting a website, running a business, etc.. The effect of? Classification information by Baidu right down in two months ago, included Google PR also fell sharply, from 3 to 0, the position has been another major information station occupied local forum did not surpassed the other two forum, local information always step in group portal’s footsteps, no place to make friends >

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