To you who are improving What is a good design process


editor’s note: good design is about the process, not the product itself. This paper imported from abroad a number of the assembled Daniel wisdom, not floating on the surface of the operating skills and process design, in-depth snooping, from idea to execution are non views with the general ideas, especially the rising period of the bottleneck / designer, this article is for the students tailored so, it is worth reading, don’t light Mark.

@hasebe: the designer’s work process determines whether the end product is mediocre or brilliant. Talent and training are no substitute for good design habits. A good process can mask many gifts and technical weaknesses – otherwise it is otherwise. A good process can help you make your own best and most unique work. The bad process makes you tired, or makes something boring and stale.

to form a healthy design process, the easiest way is to directly imitate the designer you admire. In this article, I’ll share some of the advice I borrowed from my favorite designers, or some other field wise people.

the length of the article is well above my expectation. It may also be divided into many small articles, but it would be more interesting to put together a wide variety of suggestions. Good advice is often unexpected.


The list below

is a short version of this article. This sentence is not used to warm your soup, but pour cold water on your face, brave! If you can seriously treat these problems, you can reshape your working methods — whether you are working alone or working team.

– focus on your process, not the final product.

– formally separate your "creative model" and "executive mode" from your work.

– delaying decisions until you have to make a decision.

– trying to shorten the interval between revisions is more important than worrying about not completing the project before the node.

– redesign is the essence of design.

– adhere to your own design principles, but be flexible in your application.

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, the title of this article is not "unbelievable! Be a good designer! These three steps!". If it’s so simple to be a good designer, wouldn’t everyone be successful on this list,


whenever I see a design that inspires me, I try to imagine myself doing the design. But many times, I had to jump out of this fantastic practice because I couldn’t figure out how other designers did the work. For this reason, I lost confidence, as if they were holding secret knowledge.

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