Conversation Platon questions about DEDE members who can’t contribute software

          N, many people ask why members can not publish software, yes, this function is correct, but it does not work. Specific how can not use the law, I believe that all spectators and DEDE team knows.

 :   you’ve been asking for 08 years from 07 years, I don’t know if I’ll wait for 09 years, or even wait until China hits Taiwan that year, DEDE’s team can help you.

    perhaps the official these professional staff, this small problem as long as 35 minutes can be repaired, but after the commercialization of DEDE we can not take into account these early users free of charge. But in the busy also can’t forget ah, we are not easy, hard to do a station, a problem is to beg everywhere ask ah, of course with the DEDE system, we think of first DEDE official forum to ask, but you can see my brother Platon, now a forum some of the solution, said Yan is focused on a few can solve the problem of the moderator, each post are under questions such as: "the same question", "hold my own" and "hope that the official attention", "help", you know, they hurry ah. They are really anxious, do not believe you can ask downstairs brothers, they are not anxious to send to the forum N the same problem posted, search in the forum several times the relevant keywords, I hope you can find the answer?

    to tell the truth I DEDE is not a long time from the beginning of 4 with the system before the use of ASP, found that DEDE4.0 is found in the new world, and begin to DEDE or even PHP has little research, of course only superficial, because it was my master, at most is also a rookie +1, and I believe that many webmaster like me, they do not know how much to PHP, but they love Dede, are keen to use the rapid establishment of Dede, one by one, never.

    this is I just search for "several software" found on the member cannot publish software post, but I have seen more than that, very much, and have someone willing to pay people to write this plugin, this is a small problem puzzled so many webmaster, if any the 10 question, 100.., tid=59170

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