Looking at Microsoft Bing search engine from the standpoint of all parties

these days, Microsoft launched Bing search engine is a list of news headlines, attracted a lot of attention, but the parties are on the sidelines, waiting for the further action of Microsoft.


Bing, the official translation is "will be" from the "responsive", hoping to support a yoshikoto, user responsive, meet user requirements, well intentioned. Since the announcement of the news in May 29th, Microsoft Bing has received a lot of attention, Google search "Microsoft Bing" has 1300000 search results, it can be seen that Google concerned about this. After all, they are imported products, all want to get a slice of the Internet market in china. Here are three areas of view: Microsoft’s own, competitors, and users’ perspectives on Microsoft’s Bing search engine.


Microsoft Bing upcoming news release, Microsoft did not make any other statements, they seem satisfied with the product. The "Microsoft search Bing Chinese global brand name will be" news, Microsoft launched Chinese search brand Bing, China aims to help users search more quickly and accurately complete the search tasks faster and more informed search target, an important part of publishing service brand strategy which is Microsoft global search. The simultaneous launch of Chinese Bing is on the Chinese market attention, from the search picture design, navigation mode, user experience, etc. are actively considering the map search Chinese user search habits, very China characteristics "".

in addition, in terms of domain names, Google is doing enough homework and killing all possible domain names in the cradle. In addition to the universal domain name bing.com, the results show that Microsoft has won the United Kingdom (bing.co.uk), Hongkong (bing.hk), Germany (bing.de) and other countries domain names, but also for the Bing registered trademark. With its brand and market position, Microsoft is committed to creating a unique, creative and joyful experience of Bing search. Just do not know whether this experience will be affirmed and welcomed by Chinese users, which remains to be examined by time.


Microsoft this move must be the biggest blow to Google, of course, Google is also Microsoft Bing’s largest competitor in china. Although Google search engine occupies an important position in China, but as with Microsoft, the identity of the boat has limited its development. In the face of the fierce competition of Microsoft, Google has given great attention to it. While paying close attention to its competitors, Google has made many adjustments to its search products, with the aim of further enhancing its search engine’s performance and competitiveness. A few days ago, Google launched the "shopping search" is a don’t know not to adjust the direction of Google? Facing the intense search market, Google can actively respond, do more effort in the search technology and user experience, in the search business on.

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