Liu Yannan favorable year millions of users over 1 billion transactions victory so tempered

last May, "entrepreneurs" have reported favorable net model, then their website is just on the line soon, the size of the team only 20 people, to the end of last year, enabling network was Ruanyin Chinese A $10 million round of financing, and from the A round of financing only half a year, ushered in a favorable Morningside capital of tens of millions of dollars in B round of financing, now, favorable team size has been expanded to more than 120 people, is a credit P2P network platform, the most rapid development.

from the establishment to the line, and then into the P2P industry comprehensive rating of the top five, the advantage net only took more than a year, brilliant results. Its follow P2N light asset business model, and small loan companies to actively cooperate, for their own development has won many chips. In has experienced rapid growth early, favorable to usher in the industry reshuffle in the P2P test, can stand firm mighty wave crashing on a sandy shore market has yet to be tested constantly. Today we are going to listen to the 80 founder Liu Yannan favorable is how to understand P2P.


follows Liu Yannan dictating: "


B round financing, feel more responsibility,

many people have asked me to get B round of financing how to use? I think for an entrepreneur, the key is to get the money. How do you feel? Tell the truth, when you go to the VC chat, you can’t fear is certainly favorable, say a little more perfect, for fear of not let them feel favorable, is an enterprise of great hope, we have to do a lot of favorable future of industry, the development of Future Ltd to do a lot of dreams, now really got the money, so much the amount of investment, from the heart feel more should be a responsibility.

because I think we three founders, the average age is 27 and a half years old, so now there is such a well-known investment institutions in a world so famous investors, such a big bet on us, this is a recognition of us, but for us, this is more of a responsibility, this responsibility naturally brings a kind of pressure, under the pressure, how do we improve ourselves, how to put our company to a new level is that we should consider, only in this way can we give investors a better explanation, so now more is the feeling and a sense of responsibility sense of mission.

where are the good borrowers,

?Favorable net

was originally just a P2P platform, a man came up to show the project investment, the borrower, but advisers suggested that this side do flow, while looking for a project, not only slow growth, but compared with other parts of the P2P platform, enabling the network characteristic is not obvious, but the key is to do P2P not just to open a site so simple, is to guide to traffic conversion, the other end is especially important to the development of reliable loan project. It’s not just borrowing money

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