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fence net posts, post, is a compulsory course for users "no luck angel" every day. "My first job was found in the fence, worked as a personnel officer and then worked as a recruiter through the fence." For her, the fence is not only a "good helper" in the work, but also in daily life. "The mobile phone used now is bought under the recommendation of the" professional "forum"."

The story of

in It is often seen. online, there are friends to see the houses in the fence net, contact after complete the transaction; someone in the fence online to find the other half; the netizen well sold home idle items…… The fence net is affectionately called "the universal fence" by net friend".

"fence net community culture is honest, share their life experiences, the integrity of each other." The fence nets President Zhang Guohua said, in order to give the user community to create a pure and safe communication space, fence net through the establishment of the real name authentication mechanism, to explore the "real users and real content, true community" road.

puzzles the virtual world

Miss Qian is an old user who registered fence in 2005. From buying a house, decorating, preparing for a wedding, and raising a child, fences grow with her. In the virtual community, and her life in the same stage of friends together to discuss issues, share experiences, "although each other be strangers to each other but feel like friends like the kind."

but two years ago, Miss Qian met a very angry thing. At that time, she was in the fence forum for "parents for the first time" section post, asked to buy children’s safety seats. A mother recommended a brand with her own experience and told the shop address enthusiastically. Miss Qian bought a safety seat in that shop, but who knew how to split it in a few months. She later discovered that the "mother" changed the "vest" constantly recommended.

Ms. Qian is not a case of problems encountered. Zhang Guohua admits, fence net current registered users 4 million, average daily Shanghai users visit 1 million. Posting 500 thousand per day, browsing 25 million. With the rapid development of Internet, the website is increasing, "the three puzzle" challenging "virtual world" integrity, security, "a large commercial vest and shop sales personnel to enter the network community, feel the effects of overtly or covertly consumer; two in all discussion area, relying on the virtual community identity. The user’s dispute and the way of communication is changing gradually, sometimes quarrel with personal attacks, human flesh search; three is to encounter unexpected events, some outsiders influx of rumors and provoke conflicts, trying to kidnap opinion."

with the Internet from the "virtual world" has become the people daily life in all areas of the real partner, Zhang Guohua believes that only improve the site’s reliability and authenticity, enhance service, to ensure the safety and reliability of the information, in order to safeguard the vital interests of Internet users, Internet users win the favor.

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