Data analysis for the site is the best financial management


from several aspects of data analysis to analyze your website what promotion space:

1. Website growth analysis:

1, new user growth rate: new users are increasing, is to determine whether the site has an important basis for the future development. The most direct embodiment of new users is to bring more traffic to the website. With the increase of new users, there is hope of new conversion.

2, return users increase rate: there is a saying well, "customer is God", do a good job of user visits, is each enterprise must do a job. After the website receives more people’s attention, will have the user to make a telephone call to the website to make the consultation voluntarily, this part of the user whether has been in the increase status?.

3, the growth rate of registered users: whether a website has been registered by users, can reflect the current status of the site in which position. The user will take the initiative to your site registration, no matter what the purpose, it shows that this user first know your site exists. As for this registered user, later on the website behavior is good or bad, can be further analyzed.

4, active user growth rate: the existence of active users directly proved that the users of your website’s attention and love, so the active users are generally "care" lest he / she abandoned our website. Active users can bring more popularity for a website, the high popularity of the website can show the good atmosphere of this website, and people prefer lively places.

5, the growth rate of loyal users: loyal users are the most important resources of a website. Loyal users can bring a lot of intangible and tangible assets to the website. A loyal user will pay close attention to the dynamic of the website and participate in the interaction of the website. The loyal user is also a kind of promotion channel, and the loyal user will bring more new users for the website.

two, the rationality of the website structure:


access path analysis: users are with a purpose of access to the site when visiting a website, so when the user in the website after the structure of your site to allow users to clearly define their current position in which the website, it is best to see at a glance out of the path. Analysis of the user’s access path, you can well know whether the link structure of your site has been praised by the user, regardless of the user from any channel into your web site of a page. Through which paths you access, the final page number of users determines whether your path meets the average user’s access habits (plausibility). The irrational path setting will leave the user disoriented and eventually leave your website.

2 and coincidence analysis: how many visitors in a website browse one page of a web site, that is, users who visit the same page at the same time

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