Baidu included a page PR value 4 is happy is sorrow

in the morning to open the computer, the relevant information about your site query as usual, suddenly found the medical website condyloma PR has changed, amazed, I query friends website PR, found that their website PR also have different degrees of lifting.

case: original PR2 now PR4

according to the rule before Google page rank, simple algorithm:

, for example, a small group of 4 pages: A, B, C, and D. If all pages are linked to A, then the PR (PageRank) value of A will be the sum of B, C, and D.

, PR (A) = PR (B) + PR (C) + PR (D)

continues to assume that B also has links to C, and D has links to 3 pages including A. One page cannot vote 2 times. So give each page B ticket. With the same logic, D cast only 1/3 of the votes counted on A’s PageRank.

PR updated three months, according to normal projections, the next Google PR update time should be around September 25th. But since the PR update in June 22nd, two new PR updates have been made,

, and today’s update is so large and wide, should it be summed up as a big update or a minor update?

Google’s so unusual, let us can not help thinking about a few questions:

What the hell are

1 and Google doing,


2 and PR update under normal rules around June 22nd?


3 and Google not attach any importance to reverse link?

Will the

4 and Google update use the previous three month standard,


5 and Google studying how better anti PR cheats are?

from recent PR updates, we seem to find an important message from the Google tuning: the quality of the site will ultimately determine PR. I don’t know whether or not I agree with this view. If there is a mistake, I hope everyone can criticize and correct it.


1. and webpage quality is high, PR value is tall, similar website makes friendship link, cross link.

2. hair article with value connection, can let more station reprint, bring valuable import links.

3, page quality (DIV+CSS) page optimization to do the best possible, code optimization, keyword optimization, such as

4. uses text links as much as possible to avoid >

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