Communicate with people around you not lonely roots

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" grassroots " and I definitely have the same or similar experience when their when to become engaged in the efforts of the business owners, friends, relatives, or lover, will be very do not understand our profession, they will be questioned, what we do? They might think we just Wanwusangzhi even think… We will lead their children or their influence on the law of life. And then… Away from us, that may have many webmaster of life all alone… In reality is not so good. Note: I just said that does not rule out other possible… So, we may! Why these "grassroots" will be so lonely? Is this the fate of the grassroots? Half a year ago I was also think so… Feel realistic. The world is like a gray… Friends thought I was crazy, a state-owned office does not sit, to engage in unpaid leave my mother site.. is that I in order to "play the game" fallen…… And the former friends on the Internet, but also because I am busy, do not pay attention to them, and gradually away from me…..


months, I like living in a vacuum, a friend called me to play, don’t go, why? Because busy ah… At that time to engage in the forum a lot of things to do… Once called me not to go, two times not to call me, three times a shout, they never came and because I was on the same grounds to refuse invitations, others will not take the old hot face to touch me this "cold ass"? The narrow social circle, makes my mind becomes narrow. To a dead end. Temper changed as before… And so on..


relatives and friends exchange chapter

until the last 2 months, the success of the predecessors and inspired some articles and videos, I found that their friends are so cute. Ma predecessors said very well, "rabbit eat the grass edge I began to take the initiative and family and friends… I started and they said the development of international level stations such as Sina, Alibaba, 163, said personal webmaster entrepreneurial experience – such as im286, Admin5, hao123, I find that they also listen to with relish, they will try to contact to understand, once you believe is let people down the industry! They gradually began to have some concept for the webmaster, and gradually to the Internet have a deeper understanding of the original, strong anxiety gradually decline, the original concept in the gradual transformation, friends gradually understand what I dream of what…" /p>

          family also gradually understand that I engaged in the industry in the end is what kind of situation, until the day before yesterday, my mother smiled and said to me: "son, before mom doesn’t understand you, give you no small pressure? You are really on

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