t’s more important to know what you are doing than to do it


as an ordinary webmaster and a company website construction and management. A lot of times I ask myself why I want to run optimized websites. Today, I saw the webmaster platform of an article, I personally feel very much. Is a female webmaster wrote, she said she made web site for the dream. It reminds me that when I was blogging on my own, it was just a driving force. I want to keep track of the problems and solutions I’ve encountered at work because I don’t think I’m smart enough to remember. Before I met a problem, I solved it by various means. Because I didn’t keep it in time, I encountered the same problem after a period of time. I found that I had the impression that I had met before. But I can’t remember how it was solved at that time. So there was the birth of my blog.

so my blog was on record for a while until one day a friend posted a message on my blog: he said one of my posts helped him. I don’t know if there are any personal bloggers who have similar experiences like me, and I’m sure you must have been like me. I feel the world is wonderful. In the moment, there is a sense of identity.

later because of this thing, I have time to write in my blog articles written in great detail, I am afraid that others come to see my article did not understand, but after a period of time, the more I think of it like my blog. Because it’s not the way I used to just record my work problems and solve my problems. Then straight, now, I’ve been recording for myself. I didn’t delete the previous error because it was also part of my record. I’ve been registering my blog for ten years because I know what I’m doing.

personal website, some people in the mood, a record of their own life capriccio, work records, some people want to earn money through this a little travel expenses. Some people are doing things for others, while others are creating their own networks.

so the reason for each site is different, if we all blindly take other people’s operating methods, use your website. I don’t think it’s a wise decision.

but working in a company, many web maintainers might be able to do their jobs, make profits for the company, and earn for themselves. To do what you should do.

, as a company’s website construction manager, has been working with the team since last year to run a portal site. When we did this portal, we hope that more people will get health knowledge through our website and interact with each other. But for the sake of the company’s benefit, we do not have a good idea of the user’s experience and the originality of the content. Led to a period of time, website operations only focus on promotion, although the number of users IP urgent increase, but immediately lost. The website is therefore reduced after the year. Through this mistake, we are

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