Good articles are unknown These tricks help you break a million views

, whether from the point of view of the operation of the website, or from the search engine optimization terms, the webmaster every day in the tangle, how to write a good soft wen. As to attract traffic on the way, Xiao Bian think, first you soft topic is very important, in general, we will according to the popular Baidu search to look at recent popular vocabulary, and then select a vocabulary and industry related research, such as the title, it will expand and hook it. Such as Hefei talent network, the recent popular vocabulary, there are dear translation officer, translation, European Cup and so on, how to link the industry attributes of the talent network and such popular words, it depends on the copy skills of your webmaster.

if you want to pass the drainage, the other does not, at least your soft Wen to keep up with the trend, of course, this is the topic; the next text, the inspection is your writing skills, a topic to follow popular articles, the statement is not fluent, many wrong word error, how can others want to continue reading? Anyway, if you encounter this small article, will not hesitate to click on the top right corner, please forgive me "fast". So entangled in the high jump rate of the webmaster, your article readability is not high, the site has wood, provide users with the real needs of the content, should be well studied,


1, good article. Do you have any websites,


in fact, the recruitment of editors in the first place, you will be particularly stressed the original content, but the information on the Internet is numerous, every day of the original information will spend a lot of time and energy, this is a small edit not possible. Therefore, only one editor of the Anhui talent network, the original content every day can be imagined.

but not the original content, is not a good article? Can’t say that! Whether for search engines, or users, if you can solve the real information needs, so the original requirements will not be high. Perhaps your article is from a lot of integration, but this integration of the article just can solve the actual needs of users, we can still be defined as "good article."".

in the realization of broken million browsing before, Xiaobian feel you need to be sure that the quality of the article can not be too low, secondly, readability must be high, and so on.

2, since the media to help expose the amount of fans,


any enterprise site, when operating, will create its own self media platform, such as micro-blog, WeChat or many blogs and so on. These from the media platform, not only can help enterprises to establish their own brand marketing network, but also allows web sites to get more exposure.

In fact, since the media platform

wanted to run down, by the fans; an enterprise wants to achieve 10000IP, the majority of visitors also rely on old support, so to achieve a broken million page views of the article, by the media is needed, but the number of fans from the media you enough


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