How can Baidu pick up hair

Baidu depilates amends! Now CN big price cuts, even the garbage station more and more, I also engage in the dumpster!, Baidu is now in the hair! I do stand by several days! If in my flesh cut a piece of heartache!!!!

, this is my 2 stop, I have my own section. "Why Baidu pulled my hair",


1, I’ve been collecting all the stations, and that’s a big drawback.

2 is too much on top, especially SF. Don’t say any more about it.

3 now, when I update, the content is less, nothing original, and so on.

….. I’m still summarizing it,


what good opinions do you have? Can you tell me my QQ:100630000


specific reasons for the possibility of too many, about dozens of kinds of common reasons listed.

, that’s what SEOER wrote out. Oh, there are lots of online!!! Look at the following:


(1) website cheating.

reason: such as accumulation of key words, hidden text and so on. If this is the case, even if Baidu has included you, don’t feel muddle through, because when the update will gradually eliminate

. Level two domain name and blog cross connect.

solution: this needless to say, and quickly make your own page to modify it! In addition, the two domain name should not be excessive use. Blog cross connection is now useless, which leaves one or two connections,

can be more, remove.

(2) web site specification

reason: title and keywords (KeyWords) too much, some webmaster like to search related keywords are put in, you put ten thousand also useless. And there is description (De***ion) unreasonable,

if you are a new station, this is absolutely useful and should be set well, for example, an electric lubricating pump, two wire distributor,.

solution: leave three or four keywords in the title, enough, too much, Baidu doesn’t like it. The proposal is set to page theme + topic name + website name. As for keywords, you add, it doesn’t matter, but to

less pages should appear related content. Describes the setting is very simple, as long as the language is smooth, the page to make a general summary, two or three key words will be enough,.

(3) website quality

reasons: almost all of the content collected, but also a very popular collection of articles. Baidu suddenly will include you thousands of pages, but after Baidu included, >

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