Baidu is crazy do everything for money

really did not expect " second wife " this word in Baidu even someone to do bidding advertising! Khan!


: " I fuck "

, what makes money these days,.


, I’m talking about this world, that’s tough,.


another search results: " erotic Forum – short erotic novels – the teacher home visits by my " this result makes me crazy sweat more than! Amitabha, sin a sin, kids, dare to close your eyes


, it’s your NetEase too,

on Baidu Google, who knows more about the Chinese language contest, Google also showed a great company of tolerance, publicly acknowledged in Chinese search is not as good as Baidu.

is the earliest use of my personal search engine is the Sohu in the site, then never heard of Baidu Google, was later learned Google, when using the Google search found a people more angry is the place where, when you open a new page in the search results page when the new page, the search results page to cover, it is very inconvenient, then listen to the students about Baidu good, or Chinese own development, from love Baidu, not Google I mentioned above with Baidu, but there is one thing to do is very user-friendly, is in search the results of the bottom of the page and you will enter the keyword related entry, but Baidu’s performance more and more people sad, even angry, that is more and more popular.


this time Baidu suffered growing impatience, first layoffs storm, then click fraud, this is not what was, but Baidu’s handling of these circumstances means people are disappointed, when someone wants to sue YAHOO and Google click fraud, people take the compensation and support means Baidu, Baidu, in turn, will tell his customers, this very cow B! Said the anti cheat technology than their clever Google, this is not an exaggeration? Baidu, I say you what good, you can like a man and you should take responsibility for the

?As for the blocked end and Baidu has no relationship, I can’t nonsense, on the Internet I’d find an expert to say, Baidu search, the more interesting:

"Google must be seized, because he is my great motherland itself is a spy, how he can always tell the truth? How our great motherland great people can be Google sympathy? He has the qualifications of


, the world is crazy!!


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