Do stand and SEO should learn to concentrate


old people often say: "do things, down-to-earth."." In fact, I have been very agree with this sentence, so I do an honest person, do stand, law-abiding, conscience, but also have a clear conscience. Today, my friend may have inadvertently said that I am not very willing to accept new things. Maybe this is the right thing to do. Talk about before, I personally very unhappy acquisition, very disgusted station. Because I appreciate a sentence: "do one thing in your life."." I don’t like to do a lot of things alone. I don’t like the short cuts. So I don’t like collecting and standing.

but I have an advantage, and although I don’t speak it, I will accept the right advice. Talk about collecting this broken thing. Existence is reason, I think this is a technology, technology will eventually develop. We refuse collection, not always CTAR+[v|c], and fancy of some small changes, if a change in perspective with the acquisition, but the confrontation between machine and machine, only to see who is more clever! Do station group in the talk, now if you want me to say, I still don’t love me. The people who love attention. But in fact, everyone is not wrong, that is the wrong environment. But if you want me to make a choice, I’ll stick to my original view: "focus,


do station concentration,

believes that everyone has read some articles too. Some people have long been wondering what others have done so well. When they come back to an old place, I would like to insist on what I should have done. I would like to say that China does not lack Zhuge after the event. So you didn’t become Ma yun. Of course, I think a lot of people are aware of this, but still make mistakes. In fact, why? Very simple, such people, for our profound and profound cultural connotation of the Great China did not learn. See Lao Tzu: not as good as water, Wuwei, is teaching us to do things, is that we should teach you how to have a good mentality. Focus on yourself, that ugly can not stand, day by day beauty can always change it.

I remember I did this station myself, really starting from 0. The new application of corn, no one outside the chain, will not be technology. But I’ve been holding on to it. I remember I invested 40 yuan and bought a virtual space. Space down, first of all technical problems, there is no suitable procedures ah, what should I do? Then I did not consider CMS. So I try to design, do not read books to find information, have been slowly groping. Site visits are fast, six months without breaking 50IP. But I haven’t given up, so I have been insisting on perfecting my program. After several large-scale code rewriting. OK. The program is finished.

During the period of

, the last code rewriting and after revision of the whole. The site has finally come to traffic. About 80 a day. Actually, I was very happy because I forgot. It used to be 20 visits. It’s 4 times better now. Isn’t it a success?

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