Analysis how should Tencent micro blog operate

Tencent micro-blog hundreds of millions of registered users, like blogging platforms like micro-blog, Tencent by its unique convenience more popular, so there are more businesses that use micro-blog Qqtengxun marketing network. QQ micro-blog marketing premise: first of all, their own QQ to be popular, but QQ is not the main demand groups, not high-quality traffic, so I hope not to report too much,

below is the specific operation of micro-blog’s operation:

one, pay attention to the relevant user

in the new meager registration, we first have to face the problem is that our micro-blog has no audience, so this time we should carefully consider our micro-blog positioning. For example: if you want to use micro-blog to promote their own websites, introduce more traffic to the site, improve the site’s visibility, then we will usually go to release some of their site consulting and related topics, which caused our micro-blog interested users attention. So when we first started creating micro-blog, we had to focus on the more authoritative micro-blog and its users in this area.

summary: as the saying goes, It is impolite not to reciprocate. only, we first show the sincerity (attention to each other, only micro-blog) to arouse people’s attention, so that other people will pay attention to you


two, micro-blog

, a celebrity in the broadcast industryWhen the newly created

micro-blog just up, because users rarely concern, so communication is difficult, sometimes, others micro-blog broadcast the result is better than their published results achieved much, so we should listen to a lot of the same industry micro-blog, broadcast or comment on their micro-blog, famous general people micro-blog audience will a lot, when a micro-blog content was continuously reproduced, micro-blog will continue to broadcast with comments, so it is easy to increase our micro-blog exposure, and get more audience attention.

summary: multi relay, more comments, so that people see you more, so that the other party can understand you well, so as to pay attention to your micro-blog.

three, use your own view to send micro-blog

when our audience accumulated to a certain extent, we should spend more time to publish their own micro-blog, if our audience reach a certain level, we still have the micro-blog content broadcast to others, and not some of his published opinions, since some words to share yourself, then you the audience will think you coated with a gorgeous appearance, and no real content to them. So when the audience reaches a certain level, we should publish more interesting content to the audience so that they can interact better with them. The only thing that really touches the heart of the audience is that the audience really recognizes what you are doing. Only then will they interact with you, such as relay, comment, etc….

sum up: "when the audience comes into play, they begin."

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