How profitable is a design website

SWS creative agency weekly meetings and discussions to the alliance website model VANCL do not remember this is the first of several times, although every time is not very deep, but the model itself, does give us a lot of inspiration. The design of the website can say is even a little famous innumerable, the station also number one lot, although these sites are trying to shape their own characteristics, but most are actually highly similar. The main contents are mostly design resources, works exchange, design information and task intermediary. From a profit point of view, many websites have failed to find commercially profitable models, relying solely on owners’ inputs, donations and poor advertising costs.

despite the free supply of resources model circle of living a large number of people, and some sites even hundreds of thousands of registered members, but there is no reliable source of profit, this model is ultimately difficult to support. Design websites to solve the problem of survival, we must completely discard the idea of relying on advertising to make money. Advertising is the first thought of many Adsense to make money, but the sad reality is that the design of the website advertising asking price ability is very weak, advertising is not valuable, advertising fills dissatisfaction is the biggest problem. Why,


, A, design website audience is always small, the target population is design enthusiasts or practitioners, but the base is still small, for advertisers, the commercial value is not high.

B, the design of websites is very difficult to achieve highly centralized, monopoly station. This is because most of the design sites are integrated resources, the original amount of resources accounted for a small proportion, plainly speaking, we are copied to copy. The original too few resources and domestic practitioners are not high quality of a great relationship, but in any case, each site can be copied to some different things with other people, plus a little of their original things, so who can not afford to eat who, we can have a piece of the market.

, C and design websites have fewer businesses and less advertising. At present, the large number of businesses in the design of sites advertising, very few counterparts can match the merchandise is not much. Therefore, advertising charges are difficult to go up.

in fact, not only is the design of website, all websites rely on advertising to make money, are facing such problems, even as the school, 51, happy this popular station, advertising revenue is not high, known as the world’s leading Facebook flow, so far there is no rely on advertising out of losses. To this end, Forbes this year has an article on the banner advertising profitable model questioned.

but we see that some websites do rely on model innovation to make money, and one of the most representative of these websites is soufun. SouFun is not just relying on advertising to make money, but the site is deeply embedded in the value chain, as a link in the value chain, so as to obtain profitability. We can simply look at what SouFun did:

, A, localization, each city’s Soufangwang mainly for the city’s real estate and buy

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